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2009: ¡Viva la Revolución!

In one year ... and out the other

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"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--"
The Walrus and The Carpenter (Lewis Carroll)


2009: ¡Viva la Revolución!

cuban flag

I had this flag on my bedroom wall during the 60s. This year's the 50th anniversary of the revolution, so I reckoned it was a good time to give it an airing.

Che part 1 (IMdB)
- user comments

The Cuban Revolution

Magnum photo essay (Burt Glinn) - play it full-screen - absolutely stunning! Also a second version.

¡Que viva Fidel
Vivan los Barbudos
Viva Cuba libre
Viva el veintiséis!

Second Web, Second Life
Misha Writer learns to stand on his own 2 feet in Second Life, and tries out a variety of Web 2.0 technologies.

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Nyman's Garden (National Trust, East Sussex)

How small the Shade
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Matthew and Bornali
Matthew and Bornali on Flickr: Dinner - Reception
24 Feb 2007

Photos of beautiful people, especially Carmen, Rafi and Alex
also pages for Higgens, Stanton, Laptos and Franks

From Australia: Judy's Song of Gawler and Dave's Gawler love affair

what Lorna thought of the education "reforms"
• what Linda Smith says about Brian (Independent - where is it?)
• what Brian said about Linda

I can't stop dancing! - Carmen & Rafi

7 Jan 1920 - 13 Nov 2004

9 Apr 1911 - 16 Jun 2004

North Bank

We're the North Bank, we're the North Bank, we're the North Bank Highbury!

Lots of Arsenal, including:

2 Double 02 - how we did it again
"We're the North Bank . . " - songs we sing
Arsenaalstraat - Arsenals around the world
Awesome Arsenal - some recent high spots
Good Old Arsenal - illustrated time-line
Seven Sisters Conjunction - Sat 20 Sep to ?

¡Absolutamente Fábregas!
fabregas 1
fabregas 2
fabregas 5
Cesc shapes ...
... shoots ...
... and scores!
"This, people, is how football is played in paradise. Movement, dribbling, interchanges of passes - delicious."

"Fabregas was a throwback to the days of midfield craft, of building a network of passes, of making delightful triangles and then forcing himself into the cutting edge of the action. His performance was stunning in its precocity."

José Antonio's first goal
v. Chelsea, FA Cup r5, 15 Feb 04
How the Tin Man blazed the Reyes trail

Gooners in the news

The capped crusader

There's only one squirrel!
v Villareal, 19 Apr 06

Rafi gooner
Rafi's first match
v Liverpool, 12 Mar 06

Highbury 'Bye
Our last match on the North Bank
- 49 years on!
v Wigan, 7 May 06


links to folk and more: Sussex folk, SEFAN What's On; Gig CB at Portesham
Bob Copper's birthday parties
, including his 89th
Bob Dylan: Play a song for me (links); It used to be like that, now it goes like this - Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 17 May 1966

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Viva la musica: Ashanti's weekly online show on totallyradio (archive of broadcasts:pull down menu and select Viva la musica) - Andy Kershaw


Spanish Cinema: Dictatorship - Democracy
- resources for Spanish Studies
Spain: here and there - links for Valencia, Mallorca; photo gallery (mostly Andalucía - more to come) - including La Alpujarra
Bar Miguel for tapas.
The Spanish civil war remembered

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photos & links, including music
Cartão Postal de Salvador - Bahian popular music
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