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Streets ahead: Arsenals of the world

Some Arsenals we've come across on our travels - if you've got any you'd like to add to the collection, please contact me:

Havana - Istanbul - Paris - Mallorca - Cádiz - Belgrade
The new stadium ? - Gunnera manicata (the first botanical Arsenal page!)

Showing the way in Havana

They're all Gooners in Cuba - they're always singing our song:

"One team in London
There's only one team in London
One team in Lon-don
There's only one team in London."

Never short of a place to stay in Istanbul.
Showers and toilets in every room - and under-pitch heating?

Mallorca - site for the new s'tadium?

Arsenal de La Carraca (1752)

Convicted criminals were first sent to the central prisons of their respective judicial districts, and from there they joined the chains destined for Cádiz, the main distribution center for the prisons of America. Once in Cádiz, they were placed in a jail that was maintained for them in the naval arsenal of La Carraca to await shipment to the New World; here they often waited for years before they finally were sent to their destinations.

Prolonged incarceration in crowded and unsanitary conditions took its toll of the prisoners -- many of those who survived were so weakened as to be unserviceable by the time they were ready to be sent to America. Men in feeble health were shipped out regularly, notwithstanding the requirement that they be examined and officially approved by the arsenal doctors. In practice, only in cases of obvious incapacity -- for example, blindness or paralysis -- were men rejected; the remainder, regardless of age or infirmities, were sent.

Penal Servitude in Early Modern Spain, Ruth Pike

Proving there were - and are - Gunners in Cádiz
Meanwhile in Paris ... the French connection?
Belgrade, 5 Oct 2000: Gooner overthrows Milosevic!
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More Arsenaalstraat - The new stadium ? - Gunnera manicata
North Bank

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