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(now it goes like this)

Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 17 May 1966

First set (acoustic)

Now it goes like this - The stewards' tale - The record and the book - 1966 links

She Belongs To Me
Fourth Time Around
Visions Of Johanna
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Just Like A Woman
Mr. Tambourine Man

.ram clips from

The stewards' tale

"Two needed on stage for the second half . . . "

"One of you stage right . . .
. . . and one stage left"

How everybody else got in

The record and the book

Lyrics, song clips and extract from liner notes

See p.103

Readers' reviews of the book
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1966 links

Skeleton Keys Bob Dylan 1966 (Olof Björner) - "A summary of recording & concert activities, releases, tapes & books"
660517 ticket, records and books ('Cause the Vandals Took the Handles)
1966 images from Bringing it all Back Homepage
Bob Dylan Live 1966 links to online reviews of the CD set (Expecting rain)
With God On His Side Dave Marsh's review of the record
BOB DYLAN - CROSSROADS includes Tour of 66

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