The Spanish civil war remembered

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Last of the brigade (The Guardian)
"In a century of horrors which included two world wars, the Holocaust, the Stalin terror and Hiroshima, one event stands
out like a blazing beacon: the Spanish civil war. Some 2,400 British men and women travelled to Spain in the 1930s to fight in the civil war against fascism. The Guardian has interviewed 23 of the 40 survivors. Here are their accounts. Ian Aitken introduces interviews with the last survivors. Pictures by Eamonn McCabe."

Also has links to other sites on Spanish Civil War. Magnificent.

Sam Russell

The Spanish Civil War: Dreams and Nightmares

Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum (2002)
- includes sounds clips of interviews with International Brigaders

The Visual Front

Posters of the Spanish Civil War

Proving that Robert Capa's "Falling Soldier" is genuine:
A detective story

Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory

Bringing Franco's crimes to light
Exhumation may let a poet's bones speak

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