Cartão Postal de Salvador

A brief note on Bahían popular music

Carlinhos Brown

Omelete Man

links - Alfagamabetizado - Omelete Man - Timbalada - Escola Pracatum

Carlinhos Brown links
Carlinhos Brown Site Oficial
Dan Rosenberg talks with Carlinhos Brown Rootsworld article
ARTIST: Carlinhos Brown qradio - order records
Carlinhos Brown allmusic - artist details
Carlinhos Brown Message Board imusic bulletin board
UBL: Carlinhos Brown Ultimate Band List - details and purchase
Ouromelete article from  O Globo (Port.)

Planetary minstrel Bruce Gilman article - review (Brazzil magazine, Sep. 1996) 

Omelete Man
Wit and Witchcraft  Bruce Gilman article - interview & review (Brazzil magazine, Apr. 1999) 

Timbalada - Site Oficial Salvador bloco (Port.)
TIMBALADA fan's site

Escola Pracatum Salvador music school (Port.)

Brasil - Brazilian music - Salvador
Cartão Postal de Salvador: Edson Gomes - Olodum - Gilberto Gil


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