Cartão Postal de Salvador

A brief note on Bahían popular music

Salvador de Bahia
postcards and other views

POSTCARDS FROM BAHIA a photographic exhibit by Lita Cerqueira
Afro-América - Black Pages da Bahia research group at Universidade Federal da Bahia; includes project S. A. M. B. A - Sócio-Antropologia da Música na Bahia
Salvador personal pages by Sergio Koreisha
Experience the Sites, Sounds and Magic of Salvador da Bahia personal pages by Sabrina Gledhill; includes Scenes of Salvador da Bahia
Photos from Salvador of Bahia commercial site by MagicImage

Brasil - Brazilian music
Cartão Postal de Salvador: Edson Gomes - Olodum - Carlinhos Brown - Gilberto Gil


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