John, Bob and Jill . . .

Thousands or more

The Copper Family
The Royal Oak, Lewes
Bob's 85th birthday party

6 January 2000

Michael's photos
Bright Phoebe awakes so high up in the sky
With her red rosy cheeks and her sparkling eye.

. . . the next generation . . .

. . . and Jon
If you ask for my credit you'll find I have none
With my bottle and friend you will find me at home.

Although I'm not rich and although I'm not poor
I'm as happy as those that's got thousands or more.

Chris Smith's photos: As I walked out

Vic Smith's account of the evening and its background (to come).
Jon Dudley's account on Garry Gillard's Copper Family site.

• Illustration from The Copper Family Song Book, published by Coppersongs, 75 Telscombe Road, Peacehaven, East Sussex BN10 7UB
• Photos © Michael Shade, not to be used for commercial purposes without permission.

Folk at The Royal Oak
The Copper Family (unofficial)

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