As I walked out

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The Copper Family
The Royal Oak, Lewes
Bob's 85th birthday party

6 January 2000

Shirley Collins and Bob Copper

Shirley's version - Bob's version
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Chris's photos
O, good ale, thou art my darling.
Thou art my joy, both night and morning.

Bob Divin' Duck Copper sings the blues

For I've a diamond in my eye
Wherein all my joys and comforts lie.

His children came around him with their prittle-prattling stories,
With their prittle-prattling stories to drive care away.
Now they are united like birds of one feather,
Like bees in one hive contented they'll be.
Michael Shade's photos:
Thousands or more

Vic Smith's account of the evening and its background (to come).
Jon Dudley's account on Garry Gillard's Copper Familysite.

• Illustration from The Copper Family Song Book, published by Coppersongs, 75 Telscombe Road, Peacehaven, East Sussex BN10 7UB
• Photos © Chris Smith, not to be used for commercial purposes without permission.

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