Names that fit . . .

. . . like a glove
Where the country starts,
and the Townsend

Mike - Mr K - Mark - Peter - Mrs - Chris - Lady Juliet - Jerry - Lady Charlotte

Mike Townsend

- chief executive,

Mr K Townsend

- Head of Parks and Countryside Service, Ealing Council

Mark Townsend

- Contact: Contours walking holidays - guided and self-led hiking tours

Peter Townsend

- former Director of Peak National Park Training and Education Centre

Mrs Townsend

- ... took up the tenancy of their house in Kirklees just last week. "My daughter and I think it is amazing here, I always wanted to live in the country"

Chris Townsend

- author: Classic Hill Walks (Cassell and Co 0 706375351 14.99)

Lady Juliet Townsend

- President, rural charity Northamptonshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England); Chairman, Jeffrey Greenwell

Jerry Townsend

- Four years ago, Jerry Townsend and his family drove from their ranch in the shadow of the Highwood Mountains in the middle of Montana. The drive was lovely, but it was the race to put up new houses that got their attention. The next year he put a conservation easement on almost all of his 2,500-acre Montana ranch. "(Development) is not the legacy we want to leave."
High Country News, Sep 1998

Lady Charlotte Townsend

- owner of 5000 acre Melbury Estate (Dorset), dominated by a lofty hexagonal tower built during Tudor times for viewing the park and the deer.

Like a glove

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