2 Double 02

FA Cup Final

Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0
Parlour, Ljungberg  

Sat 4 May, Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

Before - 1-0 to the Arsenal! - 2-0 to the Arsenal! - Cuddles & Bubbles - Magic - One memory
Songs that won the Double:
"We're the North Bank . . . "

Before the match

East Stand Cardiff

... and when he saw the FA Cup ...

1-0 to the Arsenal!

2-0 to the Arsenal!

Cuddles & Bubbles

Arsène Wenger's magic
He wears a magic hat
And when he saw the FA Cup
He said "I'm having that!"

One memory

One memory stands out well above all the rest though. The old stager Lee Dixon deliberately standing all alone in the middle of the pitch, Champagne bottle in hand surveying the scene of delirium all around him. He was taking it all in and the more Finals you see the more you understand how important it is to do that. Lee was there gently swigging from the bottle, watching the screen and standing centre stage in a wall of red and white sound. I think he wiped away the odd tear but couldn't swear to it. But I do know he was taking it every single last detail to treasure forever. His view of the fans must have been absolutely marvellous and it was complete honour to be in the same place at the same time and be part of it. The big thing about Cup Finals is you never know if or when you'll ever get to see another one, far less take part in one.
Brian (Arsenal World)

North Bank note: He stayed out there for nigh on 20 minutes, and we all sang "Lee Dixern, Lee Dixern, Lee Dixern ... ". I can't find any pictures of it, though ...

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North Bank
2 Double 02: Old Trafford - Campeones - League Presentation - Parade - Awards
Songs that won the Double: "We're the North Bank . . . "
Arsenaalstraat - Awesome Arsenal
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