Anatomy of a goal

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  Sat. 24 April, 1999; after 60 mins

current score: Middlesbrough 0 Arsenal 4

"With a heady mix of spontanaeity and skill his size 14 boots spun a glorious backheel angling past Schwarzer."

The build-up


Winterburn closes down two Boro defenders on the left ...


... Anelka picks up the loose ball, turns back, and slides it across to Kanu ...


... Kanu also turns back, and feeds it to the right, bringing in Dixon ...


... Dixon moves it on to Parlour ...


... Parlour flicks it on into empty space on the right ...


... where Dixon reappears and sends in a low cross ...

The finish


Kanu hurtles into the area, leaps to meet the cross ...


... gets there first, lets it pass through his legs ...


... adding a right-foot backheel flick to help it goalwards.

current score: Middlesbrough 0 Arsenal 5

Thanks, Lee ...

Kanu acknowledges Dixon's cross; Anelka can't believe it ...

video clip

"His scintillating second: simply out of this world"

"And as for Nwankwo Kanu's wonder goal, well that was just out of this world.

It was an astonishing trick shot by the biggest boot in the Premiership ... literally. Kanu, who is a towering 6ft 4in, wears an awesome size 15 football boots, each measuring 16 inches.

Four up and taking the Michael out of Middlesbrough, the Nigerian international described by Arsene Wenger as still a little rusty steered home what could only be described as a semi-backheel volley.

It was a truly outrageous goal to cap a devastating display by Arsenal.

Such was the impact of his somewhat bizarre second-half strike that, deep in the bowels of The Riverside, a string of Boro apprentices could be found striving to emulate the Nigerian's unbelievable finish.

"No, it was like this," and "Didn't he do it this way?" could be heard echoing around the corridor outside the Boro dressing room. Shell-shocked first teamers just kept the door shut and their heads down. There was no answer to a goal like that."

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