Boring, boring Arsenal!

Arsenal fans

At the Riverside

The Gooners enjoy Boro's goal

"Boring, boring Arsenal!"

"Arsenal were so good on Saturday that their supporters took pity on the home fans. A strange sort of camaraderie sprung up between them, as something special brought them together."


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ArseWeb - one of the best, with latest news, reports, and links to many other sites

Arsenal World - another one of the best

AFCi - the official site

@fc - opinionated, biased, one sided ... his words, not mine!

Boro fans

"even the home supporters were enchanted, singing, 'Can we play you every week?'"

... although not all of them joined in the chorus

And the Boro web-sites (here and here) said:

"Ripped to shreds"

"Arsenal were awesome"

"they were world class"

"Arsenal were magnificent today"

"we were honoured to see Arsenal today, they were absolutely phenomenal."

"Vieira and Anelka created havoc down the right."

"Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira were simply too good"

"we were taught a footballing lesson"

"Arsenal were the best team I have ever seen in my footballing life time."

"Bow to Arsenal for they are the gods of Football!"


Thanks for quotes and photos to various newspapers, BBC, Carling, and AFCi, @fc and Arsenal World, and to the Boro websites (here and here); the video clips are on Gustav Nygren's site. Especial thanks to Arseweb for most of the links to the sources for these Awesome pages.

Updated: 28 June, 2002
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